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"Stevie is an amazing teacher: encouraging, kind, creative and inspiring. As a dancer, she is beautiful to watch and as a teacher, she has the gift in every way to reach the heart of every student, to bring their spirit to where they are in dance individually, to challenge themselves and really learn. She is a treasure for me to have found at this place in my journey and lifelong love for dance."

-Susan Bradford

"With pleasure and confidence, I recommend Stevie Hagen for ballet lessons and private ballet lesson.

Stevie taught my daughter ballet both at team practices and private lessons for three years.  Immediately Stevie can identify areas of the student’s body that need strengthening to improve individual students form and help them move to the next level.  She instructs with kindness and positivity.  During the time that my daughter worked with Stevie she was always on time and prepared.  Her instruction is well thought out and builds over time as the dancer grows.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Stevie Hagen over the years and it is a pleasure to recommend her to other students."

-Jolinda Linden

"Stevie consistently leads a thorough, challenging ballet class. She has a very positive, encouraging and supportive attitude toward all her students, and likeable personality."

-Rosemarie Young

"Stevie is a beautiful dancer herself and teaches a wonderful, challenging adult ballet class with an emphasis on both technique and artistry. Highly recommend for adult dancers fairly new to ballet, as well as those who'd like to return to dancing after a break and those who dance regularly."

-Jennifer Richards

"Stevie is the ultimate professional. She is an outstanding teacher -- positive, cheerful and patient – arriving at each of our sessions enthusiastically prepared with fresh ideas and new approaches. In addition to being well-versed in Pilates and yoga instruction, Stevie’s dance background has been critical to my recovery from injury, as she has guided me through postural alignment and foot strengthening work. She has also, proactively, coordinated with my physical therapist to assure they are working in tandem.

Stevie responds quickly to my questions and concerns as we work and offers cues and adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of each exercise. She watches me closely, and I cannot fake my way through a work-out, which I appreciate. With Stevie, I am not just working through a fixed routine each session, but rather a hybrid series of movements and exercises that are customized and revised to meet my needs and changing abilities. I feel stronger than ever, and Stevie is to thank for that. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her."

-Debra Boyle

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