Studio Policies

Code of Conduct:

At CDS we expect both parents and students to treat our staff, other families, and our facility with the ultimate respect. CDS values teamwork, community, encouragement, and creating a safe place for every child, both physically and emotionally. Gossiping and bullying are strictly forbidden both in class and online.

If this code of conduct is broken, a meeting with both the student and parent will be set up with the director immediately. 

Financial Enrollment/Registration Fee:

There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 charged per family (This does not apply to summer drop-in classes.) All registration must be done online.


Tuition is due on the 1st business day of each month. Tuition rate is prorated for holidays or no class days. There will be no credits, refunds, or transfers for missed lessons. Enrollment in Autopay is required for all students (summer drop-in classes are an exception). There is an automatic $20 late fee for all accounts with an outstanding balance 10 days after tuition is posted. Once a student is enrolled in a class, it is expected that tuition will be paid monthly through the end of the session, without exception, regardless of vacation, sick days, or other conflicts. 

Attendance & Make-up Classes:

Attending class on a regular basis is extremely important for all students and their progress as dancers. If you or your children are unable to attend class, please send an email to Students can make up classes within the same session of the missed class. Make-up classes should be same type and same level of class that is missed, with the exception of classes that are not offered more than once a week (ex: If a jazz class is missed, student must make up a jazz class). If class is not made-up within the same session, the make-up class opportunity does not extend into the next session unless the missed class falls within the last week of the session and there is no available class to make up in within that last week. In the instance that a class is cancelled on any specific day for any reason or there is inclement weather that causes the studio to close, CDS will do everything possible to provide an opportunity for a make-up class or a Zoom option for all affected students. 

Class Placement:

Placements are based on ability, age, and what is best for each individual student as they grow as dancers. Students may be asked to repeat a level in order to refine their skills and technique before moving up to a higher level. Students may also be asked to move into a higher level if they need an increase in challenge. We appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and trust that our instructors are extremely knowledgable and have your child's best interest in mind when placement decisions are made. 

Active Classes:

There must be at least 3 dancers signed up for a class in order for it to run during the school year. If a class does not have at least 3 dancers we will either combine two classes together or recommend a different class for your dancer. 

Arrival Times:

Dancers should arrive in full dance attire 5-10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. Tardiness can be very disruptive to class and it is extremely important that dancers are present for warmup to prevent injury.


Each student participating in the recital will be charged a costume fee.


NO REFUNDS. Tuition is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are to be paid in full at time of the private. If you schedule a private lesson and fail to attend, are late or fail to notify the instructor at least four hours prior to your scheduled time, you will be charged the hourly rate with no exceptions.

Add Policy:

If a student adds a class during a session the tuition will be pro-rated for the first month based on the standard hourly rate amount or a drop-in rate for a single class.

Drop Policy:

Once a student is enrolled in a class we expect that they will complete the entire session. Written notice of intent to cancel enrollment is required two weeks in advance of intended end date. There is no refund for tuition due, or paid, in the month the class is dropped. If you paid in full upfront, the tuition will be re-calculated at the monthly rate to determine any partial refund.

Medical Termination:

If a student must stop dancing for medical reasons, a written note from the parent/legal guardian and medical doctor must be submitted explaining the nature of the medical condition. Credit will be given upon review of CDS.

Cancellation of class:

If Creation Dance Studio cancels a class that has been paid in full, and no other class is substituted, a student account credit for the remainder of the classes that have already been paid for will be added to the student’s account which will have a 3 month expiration date of class cancellation. Credits must be used for tuition first and if no other class is available, options for credit memo use will be discussed with director.

Declined Auto pay Credit Card or ACH:

If your credit card or ACH account is declined, you will be charged a $35 processing fee if not updated by the 5th day of the current month.

Class Transfer Policy:

All transfers of classes must be approved by both the teacher of the class the student is transferring into as well as out of before the transfer is approved. All transfers will take at least 1-week for approval and the student must wait for approval prior to transferring into the new class.


All account balances unpaid for a period of 90 days/three months will be sent to collections.

Cancelled classes (due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances):

If Creation Dance Studio cancels a class we will do our very best to reschedule, offer a makeup class, or provide an option virtually. Closures due to snow or inclement weather will correspond with the Mercer Island School District schedule, so please check local news sources for school closure information. If possible, virtual options will be available. 

Dress Code:

The dress code can be found on the Creation Dance Studio website and must be followed. If a dancers does not have the correct shoes or attire they will not be allowed to participate in class for their own safety. Large jewelry, watches, etc. are prohibited. 


All dancers must have their hair pulled back, away from the face and off of the neck. Ballet students must have their hair in a bun. A bun, ponytail, or braid is okay for all other classes.