Proof of vaccination is required for all adult dancers taking in-person classes at this time


Ballet teaches precision, grace, expression, and alignment while also increasing strength, flexibility, and body awareness. These valuable qualities learned throughout class create a strong foundation for all other styles of dance!

At CDS we offer Beginning (coming this fall), Beginning/Intermediate, and Intermediate ballet classes. Curious about which class is the right fit for you? Contact us!

Dress code:

Comfortable, form fitting clothing that is easy to dance in. Leotard and tights are suggested but not required. Warmups and layered dancewear (such as leg warmer, skirt, etc) can always be worn. Ballet shoes are required for safety. Please contact CDS if you would like to wear different footwear. 

Hair pulled back and secured away from neck and face.


We offer both beginning and Intermediate pointe classes for Adult/Teens at CDS. All beginning pointe dancers must have permission to take class. Pointe may also be taken in ballet shoes- this is a fantastic way to build strength and endurance!

Dress Code: Same as ballet. 


This class combines the technical and stylized movements of jazz with the expressive and graceful movements of lyrical.

Dress Code:

Comfortable, form fitting clothing that is easy to move in. Jazz or ballet shoes are recommended but the class can also be taken barefoot. 


What could be more fun than having your feet as your instrument! Tap class is filled with energized movement that emphasizes rhythm, coordination and musicality.

Open level Adult/Teen tap is coming this fall!

Dress Code:

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move and dance in.  

Tap shoes of any style. Please check that the taps on the bottom of your shoes are screwed in properly prior to class.

HIP HOP (Coming Soon)

Hip Hop class involves a wide range of stylized techniques and choreography. Dancers will learn isolations, locking, and rhythm in this fun and energized class while also working up a sweat and getting a great workout!

Dress Code:

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Baggy clothing is allowed (no jeans). 

Clean indoor tennis shoes (only indoor white sole tennis shoes or dance sneakers allowed due to streaking floor)